Forum Title: Gas line service merge? Please help
Hello everyone. Just bought a 2 family home. There is 2 gas meters but the one that goes to the second floor only covers the kitchen stove. The other meter feeds the first floor kitchen, the gas furnace, and the water heater. Right now I'm paying for all the gas for both families. The house is 150 years old. Don't want to do major construction and bust through walls to repipe. My question is can I join the piping with a y after both gas meters so that every time the gas is used in the home it pulls from both meters equally? Anything is better than now. Right now i pay for all. Please help. Thanks. My other option is to just pipes the water heater off of the 2 floor gas line to alleviate the books a bit. Thanks in advance
Category: Plumber Post By: DEBRA ADAMS (West New York, NJ), 01/11/2016

Thanks. Of course it's never that easy

- ANITA MENDEZ (Santa Rosa, CA), 09/29/2017

no, does not work that way. the meter with the least resistance [shortest piping configuration] would turn, the other would look at you and giggle. take the gas bill, split it in half, give them a bill each mth, they will want to see the original bill.

- Matthew Russo (Mount Pleasant, SC), 10/04/2017

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