Forum Title: Ghostly plumbing in Knoxville
Hello all, I'm Matt, live in Knoxville TN. Here's my situation. I just bought a new house in March. The way the house is setup is that it's in a hill, so both the "upstairs" and the "downstairs" are ground level entries, front and back of the house respectively. This means that the house requires a pump to pull sewage to the sewer, I think. The plumbing in the upstairs bathroom (street level) gurgles quite frequently and at times violently; sometimes the plumbing in the bathroom sink discharges whatever's in the p trap along with a nasty stench of the farts of a thousand dead cavemen. I investigated a suspicious closed off "room" in the first floor by peering through the drop ceiling. I discovered what looks from afar like a 55 gallon oil drum submerged in the cement floor with two pvc pipes leading from it. Preliminary research indica t es this could be the pump, which acts like a tiny septic tank. Not sure. Anyway, when this bad boy activates, there's usually a slam when it cuts off. My question is what the heck is going on? None of the downstairs plumbing exhibits these issues. My upstairs toilet flushes sluggishly could this be the issue? Should I cut through the wall and clean the pump th I ngy?
Category: Plumber Post By: brent hartwick (Kokomo, IN), 05/01/2017

hmmmmmm... can you do something for me ? i need you to go look t the pump and piping you should have 2 pipes coming out of the pit, one pipe will not have anything on it,, the other, should have a chck valve and a valve. I want to know, where that line ties into another pipe. and will you take a picture please ?

- LARRY PEREZ (Eagan, MN), 09/12/2017

i get every body lol

- EDWIN SALAZAR (Stockton, CA), 09/23/2017

Ok will do. Laid up with a bad back- lifted acorns the wrong way (no not a single acorn, haha, 60-100lbs bags of the damn things) at work. I have to get up into the ceiling but I am reinforced with Tennessee's best narcotics for pain and can do ANYTHING!!!! Just messing around, will do this asap. By the way, my screen now has a smudge thanks to your little fly in the sidebar, hahaha.

- PATRICK RAMIREZ (Pembroke Pines, FL), 10/02/2017

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