Forum Title: I changed a tap washer, now I have no pressure
This is weird. I had a dripping cold faucet. I turned off the supply valve under the sink, removed the faucet body and replaced the washer. Since the water still dripped, I removed the seat -- it was all corroded, so I replaced that as well, with an identical one. When I replaced the valve body, I have no pressure. Pressure is fine in all the other sinks, showers, bathtubs on all floors. Even more peculiar, the same is true for the hot tap, even though I did nothing there other than turn off the supply, and later turn it back on I made sure that the stem has lots of travel. Thinking it might just be air in the line, I've let the water run nearly an hour, and it is still very slow. Ideas? Supply valve failing to open maybe? Cheers, --PBM
Category: Plumber Post By: JOHN JOHNSON (Cedar Hill, TX), 12/06/2016

Doh! I got to wondering how both the hot and cold could be affected. I must have dislodged some drek that plugged the aerator. Problem solved. Man you guys (or gals) are good!

- CHERYL RIVERA (Davis, CA), 09/09/2017

Let us know if we can help you anymore!

- CHRIS GUTIERREZ (Alexandria, VA), 09/27/2017

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