Forum Title: Leak underneath flooring, hot tiles, please help!
Hello, I appreciate any advice on how to fix a leak from under my bathroom shower floor. Water was flowing from the baseboards of the walls (about 1 liter), causing them to bulge and become disfigured, but I shut off the main supply valve upon seeing this. With the main supply on, the leak is aggravated when I turn on the boiler cold inlet valve and the shower floor tiling gets hot over time as the boiler heats the water--which leads me to believe that the hot line is leaking somewhere beneath the bathroom shower floor. There is also noise of running water coming from the other side of the wall in the dining room, where a sink used to be--I cut a hole in the wall here but did not see much leaking going on, but then again I couldn't see the base of the floor due to the cramped location. If I turn off the boiler's cold water valve, then the noise and leaking almost stops entirely, but I now hear running water from the boiler's cold supply line, despite the valve being shut off. This is the bathroom floor where the tiles get hot while the boiler is on. Adjacent to this area, behind the wall, is the photo at the bottom. This is the dining room sink, where the noise of the leak can be heard--I tried to cut the wall and peek but could not locate the leak. The bulging and damaged baseboard at the corner can be seen. Thank you for any help! Cheers, Edmund
Category: Plumber Post By: DEAN SANTOS (Roswell, NM), 01/07/2017

That is what we commonly call a slab leak. Some slab systems have tee's installed in the ground below. Most slab systems have individual loops running to manifolds in the wall with NO tee's underground. Preferred repair is to reroute the line that is leaking. That requires opening walls. Or jack hammer through the concrete and fix just the leak. You will need a leak detection service or experienced plumber to locate the line and manifolds in the wall and or the location of the leak. If you live in a condo or townhome with a common Home Owners Association they may take care of it for you. If it's a single family home then call you insurance company. They sometimes will cover the damage, even the demo required to get to the leak.

- SHERRI GARNER (Fort Myers, FL), 09/19/2017

I cut the wall even more to discover that there were three pipes, and when I turned on the water supply to the boiler, the middle pipe vibrated and leaked at the bottom where it met the slab. Thus, I cut the pipe and used a Sharkbite end stop, and voila! No leak! Thank you Mr_David for all your help! Here's a brief video I made summarizing the problem and solution: YouTube

- FRANK YOUNG (Port St. Lucie, FL), 10/15/2017

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