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Hey. I had a water meter set about 5 months ago and have never been ecstatic about the water pressure for my house. I should clarify that this is a brand new meter, supply line, everything is new. I checked the pressure once and I believe it was in the 20's. I live about 350' away from the meter and about 20' above it. A guy I worked with that lives in the same county had the water department come out and adjust his pressure up at the meter via some sort of locking adjustment screw. The water department is supposed to come out here Friday and check if my meter can be adjusted as well. I took a bunch of pictures of it for you all to look at. Can you tell me what you see? Is there any way to turn up my water pressure?
Category: Plumber Post By: VALERIE BURTON (Glenview, IL), 06/24/2017

I think i saw a blue 3/4 pex pipe in the bottom of that meter box. are you using 3/4 pex for 350' uphill ? lol..... if you are, thats your problem not famular with your meter, looks to be a 1/2'' meter.. for 350'. minimum pipe size should be a 1'' pvc sch 40 line 3/4 pex inside diameter is .684 1'' pvc inside diameter is 1.o49

- GORDON BANKS (Pharr, TX), 09/03/2017

No, I'm not using pex for the main line. They always cut a small piece of pipe (around a foot) and put it under the meter sideways. I have no idea why unless it's just to keep the meter from sinking into the mud. If you look at pic #4 the inlet is on the right and the outlet is on the left. The blue pipe runs perpendicular to that and doesn't do anything or go anywhere. Wouldn't my pressure still be high if my pipe were too small?

- BERTHA WALTERS (Dayton, OH), 09/22/2017

pressure stays the same, what u see on your small pipe is velocity not pressure if it is 50 psi at the pump, it is 50 psi every where in the system but you can change the velocity and volume going uphill will introduce friction, and rob the velocity on a long run of pipe. you want volume at the end of the run.

- KYLE MUNOZ (Bakersfield, CA), 10/08/2017

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